Elinor Brown BWElinor Brown is recognized as meeting the UK Good Practice Guidelines on the Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations Listing. She has trained with Bangor and Oxford Universities.

Elinor has an interest in building healthy minds and nurturing positive practices in the workplace. She is passionate about the potential to transform individuals at all levels, impacting, communication, relationships, leadership and performance throughout organisations. Integrity is key to her work and her own practice is fundamental to her professional and personal life.

Elinor runs introductions, away days and group-based courses for the corporate, charitable and education sectors, and has taught on Oxford University’s MYRIAD Research Programme. She is a founder member of Cambridge Performance and an associate trainer for MIND’s Well@Work programme.

Elinor has worked in digital media, broadcasting and publishing for large corporations, including the BBC, and small businesses. Her work included liaison with blue-chips and private clients and managing teams. She has experience of working under intense pressure and is committed to alleviating stress and promoting good mental health and relationships at individual and organisation level.

Elinor is available to work in Cambridgeshire and London.