Elinor brings great depth of understanding to her mindfulness teaching, based on her own in depth practice. She communicates this with gentle empathy and often startling clarity. Elinor has a deep understanding of the different mindfulness traditions, and systems – and is able to draw upon a wide range of approaches, skills and exercises, according to the needs of her classes.

Dr Elizabeth English, Cambridge University Mindfulness Practitioner, University of Cambridge

Elinor’s calm, warm and encouraging approach makes her mindfulness training easy to embrace and follow. It has enabled me to reflect on the constant barrage of thoughts that take us away from the present and equipped me with a toolkit to help refocus on the here and now.

Group participant

If you are looking for an intelligently-led, encouraging and compassionate introduction to mindfulness, Elinor will allow you to explore what mindfulness might do for you and what you might do for yourself by bringing some much-needed breathing space into busy, modern life – in my opinion everyone could do with an Elinor!

Group participant

Elinor has been a wise, non-judgmental guide. She has refuelled my belief that mindfulness practice can be a life changing pursuit; helping to manage stress and generally be at peace with the world.

Group participant

“We feel we gained a great deal from introducing mindfulness to our Years 5 and 6 girls. We were impressed by the thorough and interactive course materials and the calm and gentle way in which Elinor delivered the course content. Many of our girls have commented on how it has helped them stay calmer and more focused in and out of school.  We have really enjoyed out mindfulness journey. Thank you Elinor!”

Deputy Head

“Thank you so much . . . It was incredible to see the children responding so positively and the impact the practices have had on them.”

Year 4 Teacher

It has been an absolute delight to work with Elinor.

Elinor has been working with my class for about 3 months to introduce the idea of mindfulness to a group of Year 4 children. Many of the concepts were challenging and very mature, however Elinor was able to pitch it so well to my class and they have absolutely loved working with her.

“My class is predominately made up of boys, who have many typical ‘boy’ traits, so I was unsure of how they would cope with the idea of taking a moment to think about who and where they are, as well as to think about what they feel. Through Elinor’s amazing work to make the children feel safe, I am glad that my fears were unfounded – the boys in particular have embraced the program and practises, both in the classroom session and at home (as have I!).”

Phase 2 Stage Leader